Transport & Logistics

Blue Water Shipping has been a synonym to port operations within the wind turbine industry for more than two decades. As turbines grew bigger, so did Blue Waters port operations and as the industry turned towards offshore, Blue Water developed handling equipment and IT systems tailormaid for safe handling, preparation and realtime tracking of the big offshore turbine components. With Blue Water Shipping as one of our consortium partners, Windpal are able to deliver complete logistic solutions from factory to loadout port, safe and efficient component handling in loadout port, preparation and preassembly of components and finally a smooth and efficient loadout to installation vessel, all of which can help reduce the overall installation period, while staying within budget.

In 2016, Blue Water Shipping handled the first offshore wind turbines in US at the Block Island project, proving their ability to bring their European offshore wind setup across the Atlantic and still execute safe operations at the highest client satisfaction level. When the first offshore turbines in iced conditions were constructed in Tahkolouto in 2017, Blue Water was naturally on the ground and safely executed all port handling activities. For both the aforementioned projects, Blue Water was also involved in the transportation from factory to loadout port. With the offshore wind industry now making landfall in Asia, Windpal can offer the best possible logistics solutions in our pool of integrated services.