MHO & Co A/S

Innovative design solutions
Based on 25 years’ experience in aluminum design vessels, with high focus on improved technologies, construction, performance and operation, MH-O&CO are constantly looking to improve existing designs. Focus areas for improvement; safety, comfort, reliability, carrying capacity, speed and multi-functionality.

First movers
We design and construct vessels in the segment between CTV and SOV. These vessels can still use boat landings but are also large enough to carry a Walk to Work or Bring to Work system.

Safer and fasterturbine transfers
All our CTVs are constructed with waterjet propulsion, which in comparison to other systems, ensures safe docking to each individual turbine within 4-6min.

Increased up-time
All components are selected with high focus of reliability and low maintenance, which ensures increased availability and thereby minimal disturbance to client’s schedule.

Lower cost
Our vessels are among the lightest in the industry. We maintain constant presence during all vessel construction phases, demanding perfect welding quality and zero compromises to material handling. Due to the lightweight design and lower lost time incident due to urgent repairs, we can operate the vessels at the best rates in the market.

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